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The Domaine

The Domaine du Deffends is situated in the foothills of Monts Auréliens running along the ancient Roman road of the same name. The soil is chalky, arid and porous.

Thanks to its gentle incline and privileged south-eastern orientation, the du Deffends vineyard has never suffered the effects of frost. Production is kept deliberately low by aggressive pruning and, if necessary, early harvesting of the grapes.

The Domaine du Deffends is a small family business led by a spirited team of aficionados. We strive to take full advantage of the superior soil and climate through a rigorous commitment to quality. In doing so, we offer wine enthusiasts the assurance of a product that goes directly from our cellar to the table without manipulating or tampering with the contents in any way.

Spring wine fairs are coming


Villebarou (Blois) : 12 et 13 mars
Paris-Champerret : 18 au 21 mars
Gif sur Yvette : 20 mars

Picture of the month


The vine cries!

Some cold these days to remind us that we are still in winter. We do not forget though that given the high temperature, spring will begin arriving at least three weeks ahead of time. As a proof, the vine cries already. Sap seeps out of the vine as biological activity restart.

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Couv Hachette 2016 tronque

Media are talking about us. Mainly in french!

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