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Early pruning, late pruning, nothing beats March pruning

We finish the pruning quietly. As the saying goes, pruning late is a protection against late freezes. When spring arrives, the buds at the end of the branch are the first to emerge. If, like last year, a sudden cold covers the vines at the end of March, the buds will be destroyed, but those located at the base, still inhibited, can take over.

Salon in Strasbourg

To take into account current sanitary conditions, the Strasbourg wine exhibit is postponed to June 4th to 7th 2021. We look forward to meeting you.

Delicious 2020 summer

Summer is the time to chill. We set up table and chair with view on southern alps, green provence hills and blue crest. You are welcome for lunch every Thursday, Friday, Saturday up to end of August from 12h to 15h. Every day a different chef.

  • Saturday, l’Abbaye de la Celle d’Alain Ducasse (38€).
  • Friday, La Table de Bruno in Saint Maximin (30€)
  • Thurday, l’Ardoise d’Audrey and Nico in Saint Maximin (30€).

A few more weeks before the flower

The vine grows quickly. We take care of it, with partial removal of buds, and removal of unwanted shoots allows for controlling and regulating the yield. We protect the leave with first treatment based on suffer, copper, orange essential oil, and yeast cell based stimulant.