Champs de la Truffière

To accompany provençale beef stew, shoulder of lamb confite

Red Wine

Slightly iridescent colour, bishop red. Deep under wood smell, turning to truffles and garrigue notes. Leather and liquorice aroma, soft and melted tannin. This complex wine, will evolve positively with time. Air before drinking.

A blend of two different grape sorts:

  • cabernet-sauvignon : structure and tanin (50%)
  • syrah : noble and rich colors (50%)

AOC Coteaux Varois

  • Chalky soil
  • Southeast oriented hillsides
  • 25 years old average vine
  • Yield: 30hl/ha
  • Royat cordon system of pruning.
  • Tying up on 2 wire plus 2 lift wires
  • Ploughted or grass covered soil
  • Removal of exess leaves on syrah. (Effeuillage)
  • Mechanical harvest.
  • Tanks are filled with the stalk without crushing
  • Maceration betwen 12 and 18 days at 28°C
  • Treading twice/three times a day, and frequent remontage for the best extraction
  • Very smooth pressing thanks to pneumatic presses
  • Free-run wine and press wine are blended.
  • Wine slightly filtered, and not clarified