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Early pruning, late pruning, nothing beats March pruning

We finish the pruning quietly. As the saying goes, pruning late is a protection against late freezes. When spring arrives, the buds at the end of the branch are the first to emerge. If, like last year, a sudden cold covers the vines at the end of March, the buds will be destroyed, but those located at the base, still […]

Salon in Strasbourg

To take into account current sanitary conditions, the Strasbourg wine exhibit is postponed to June 4th to 7th 2021. We look forward to meeting you.

Berliner Wein Trophy 2020

The Champs de la Truffière 2016 wins a gold medal in Berlin!

Revue des vins de France 2021

The newcomer to the range, Transmission (70% Syrah) comes from a beautiful vintage, still based on firm tannins. 90/100. Favorite.

Delicious 2020 summer

Summer is the time to chill. We set up table and chair with view on southern alps, green provence hills and blue crest. You are welcome for lunch every Thursday, Friday, Saturday up to end of August from 12h to 15h. Every day a different chef. Saturday, l’Abbaye de la Celle d’Alain Ducasse (38€). Friday, La Table de Bruno in […]

Domaine du Deffends
Domaine du Deffends
Nothing better than a leg of lamb with a bootle of Truffière. Here is the recipe. Bone and tie your leg of lamb, put it in a drip pan with thyme and rosemary on it. Cook it 45', add salt, pepper and 2 dozen small onions, garlic and as many small potatoes. Let the whole cure finish together, sprinkling from time to time with the fund. Serve the leg of lamb surrounded by its garnish. Cooking time approximately one hour. Accompany with a Champs de la Truffière 2016 that you will have aired an hour in advance.
Domaine du Deffends
Domaine du Deffends
Rien de mieux qu'un gigot d'agneau accompagné d'une bouteille de Truffière. La recette: Désossez et ficelez votre gigot, mettez-le dans une lèchefrite avec du thym, du romarin dessus. Faites-le cuire aux trois quarts dans le four, assaisonnez et ajoutez 2 douzaines de petits oignons, de l'ail en chemise et autant de petites pommes de terre. Laissez finir de cure tout ensemble, en arrosant de temps en temps avec le fonds. Servez le gigot entouré de sa garniture. Durée de cuisson une heure environ. Accompagnez d'un Champs de la Truffière 2016 que vous aurez aéré une heure a préalable.
Domaine du Deffends
Domaine du Deffends
Joyeuses Pâques 🌸
Domaine du Deffends
Domaine du Deffends
Nous serons présent au Domaine des Béliers à Ancy/Moselle le samedi 27 mars pour un drive de nos vins. N'hésitez pas à nous demander par mail le bon de commande pour cette journée. Nous prenons vos commandes jusqu'au samedi 20 mars.
Domaine du Deffends
Domaine du Deffends
Dégustation à la Maison des Vins Coteaux Varois en Provence


Per and Britt Karlsson about Provence wines

Champs de la Truffière: Vinet är mycket gott och uppfriskande med fin frukt, mörka bär, bra koncentration och komplexitet. Här finns en liten trevlig stramhet från cabernet sauvignon. Tanninerna är tydliga men vinet är balanserat och kan gärna drickas nu men klarar utan problem ytterligare lagring för den som föredrar mjukare tanniner. The wine is superb. It is refreshing with […]

Forbes pays tribute to the red and white wines of Provence.

Hachette Wine Guide

“Dressed in a pale pink color, born from a Grenache Cinsault blend exudes aromas of citrus, peach and white flowers. The palate appears crisp, fresh and lingering on the fruit. A well-balanced rosé.”

Double Bronze IWC medal

International Competition of Organic Wines and Decanter

Gold Medal for The Amphore Competition is the largest tasting competition of organic wines (including natural and biodynamic wines) in Paris. The competition brings together between 150 and 200 expert jury members, all of them professionals in the wine sector. From wine critics to buyers, sommeliers and wine shop owners, all lend their expertise to this competition renowned for its […]