Champs du Bécassier

The result is a success. You will appreciate it with pork tenderloin and light cheese.

Red Wine

The name comes from a famous bird the woodcock, bécasse in French. We have some in the region. They are very impressive with their long beak. Bécasses hunters, dogs, rifle are named bécassier.

A blend of four different grape sorts:

  • grenache : powerfull and fruity aromas.
  • cinsault : delicate and graceful
  • syrah : noble and rich colors
  • cabernet-sauvignon : structure and tanin.

AOC Coteaux Varois

  • Chalky soil
  • Southeast oriented hillsides
  • 25 years old average vine
  • Yield: 30hl/ha
  • Royat cordon system of pruning.
  • Tying up on 2 wire plus 2 liftwire
  • Ploughted or grass covered soil
  • Removal of exess leaves on syrah. (Effeuillage)
  • Mecchanical harvest.
  • Tanks are filled with the stalk without crushing
  • Maceration betwen 12 and 18 days at 28°
  • Treading twice/three a day, and frequent pumpig over for the best extraction of matter.
  • Very smooth pressing thanks to pneumatic presses
  • Free-run wine and press wine are blended.
  • Wine slightly filtered, and not clarified