Rosé des Filles

To accompany a bouillabaisse, fresh melon with cristallized rose petals

Rosé Wine

Pink colour with purple and fuchsia reflects.

Rose, peony and hawthorn smell.

The mouth is full, powerful, round with cherry and rose notes.

AOC Coteaux Varois

  • Chalky soil
  • Southeast oriented hillsides
  • 25 years old average vine
  • Yield: 45hl/ha
  • Royat cordon system of pruning.
  • Tying up on 2 wire plus 2 lift wires
  • Ploughted or grass covered soil
  • Mecchanical harvest.
  • Vinification by bleeding
  • Very long alcoholic fermentation at 15°C
  • Filtered wine
  • Bottled in Spring